Saturday, December 05, 2009


Well, you know the rest. Except Mia's teeth never gave her any time to want them for Christmas. Her new ones started growing in before the baby ones fell out. Mia was happy to finally lose a tooth but I, on the other hand, am sad. I mean, a child losing a tooth is like growing up 5 years overnight. It is such a growth milestone. I'm not ready to have a 6 year old much less one who is losing teeth. Starting that gaps-in-the-teeth awkward stage of life. I guess her teeth and her growth couldn't care less what I am ready for.

She actually brought the pliers to Grandpa Martin and had him pull the first one out. It was the day after Thanksgiving. Luckily the tooth fairy had a little cash in her bag.

This is a good view of the teeth growing in, in all kinds of wrong places. They have straightened considerably since the baby teeth came out.

OH THE HORROR OF GETTING THE SECOND TOOTH OUT. Mia did not willingly want this one out. It was hanging by nothing but she was afraid it was gonna hurt. Ben and I just wanted it out so the new tooth had a chance to grow in straight. After many tears it finally was pulled Monday night with dental floss.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Dallin turned 4 today. I guess since it is after midnight he turned 4 yesterday (Nov 22). It was a great birthday for him. He is growing so fast and I wish he would just slow down. Dallin is a great kid. He makes me laugh hysterically everyday. He says some pretty funny stuff. He's really into pirates/pirate ships lately. As soon as I mentioned a pirate ship cake there was no turning back for him. I HAD to make one. I am NEVER making anything other than a plain old ordinary cake again. This cake was rediculous. Fallng apart as I frosted it, pieces cut too much, had to put cookies on to hold it together, etc... I think it looked horrible but Dallin LOVED it, and that's all that matters.

Dallin after church with his cake and goodie bag from the Bishop. He was so cute when they sang to him in Primary.

Opening his first present. Kind of an impromtu thing. We don't normally open presents on the bed but I thought this was a cute picture of all 3 kids. (Yes, I'm laying in bed. No, there was no way to crop me out of the picture and get the kids, I tried. I have a sinus infection, I was tired from staying up to make that blasted cake so give me break, okay)

Dallin's favorite gift, of course. He didn't even care about cake and ice cream after he opened this bad boy. I'm glad he likes it because it's really annoying when you think your kid is gonna love a gift and they hardly play with it.

This is how much he loved it. I guess he doesn't mind sharing his bed with the ship. I think it's great! Simply a Dallin thing to do.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


RUTH, here you go. I have repented of my slackerness.

Dallin finally conceded to my pleadings and decided to wear his suit to church on Sunday. Actually, he didn't even give me much grief about it. He was a little confused as to why he had to wear a shirt though......when we first brought it home for him, we let him try it on without a shirt ;-)

After church.....he was so proud of his "I can be honest" crown.

Ben tonight before mutual looking nerdy.....uh, I mean nifty in his new scout shirt.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


As much as I know we all want to keep looking at Mia's birthday post for the whole month of October, I am going to spare all of you. ENJOY!

Scariest lion you'll ever see.

The butterfly flies in to see Minnie Mouse, who is terrified of the lion ;-)

My, what big teeth you have Minnie!

Even lions need a little relaxation

Best cheerleaders EVER! They took a break on Saturday, hence, the lose.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

MIA IS 6!! Holy Moly!

My Mia is 6! She is so smart and helpful and sweet and social. I'm posting pictures of her through the years. I couldn't decide which picture I liked better of Mia's birth. So here are two cute ones.

When Mia turned one we were on a trip so she got this dumb store-made cake. She didn't care.

I couldn't find a picture of Mia's 2nd birthday so this is around her 2nd birthday.

Mia was so cute when she turned three.

Mia was very decisive about what she wanted for her 4th birthday cake! PURPLE!

We had a party when she turned 5 and I had a few pictures of the decorations but this was the only one we got of you can tell, we are great parents when it comes to taking pictures. I figure we'll do a party about every 5 years. I'm not big on elaborate parties.

She was so excited to open presents today and she again requested purple frosting for her cake. WE LOVE MIA!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dallin Update

Late last Tuesday night we took Dallin to the ER of one of the Children's Hospitals here in Atlanta. He was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. The same type that I have. I had noticed the night before that he used the bathroom more than normal and wanted water after he went potty. Then that night I noticed he kept drinking from my cup. So I decided to test his blood sugar level. It was over 600. I did it again and got the same result. I immediately knew he had diabetes. We called the doctor and then took him to the hospirtal. We did take our camera but when we got to the ER they valet parked our car and we forgot to grab it out. So, we missed out on some cute pics of him in the ER, his hand all wrapped with an I.V., Dallin in a hospital gown, etc. But we got some cute ones too.

Dallin was in need of a bath after the second day there so here he is in the tub.

Ben and I had to go to two days of education classes. It was informative on some level for Ben but it was just a review for me since I have been doing this for 23 years now. Dallin sat there so well and played at his little table.

This is Dallin in PT. We had to learn how exercise will affect him and his blood sugars. He looked pretty funny with the surgery cap on under the helmet. He loved playing there.

After we had walked around for a while, Ben needed a rest and Dallin was happy resting while watching a cartoon.

Dallin enjoyed alot of chicken fingers while at the hospital, among othern things.

We visited the Koi Pond when Dallin got restless. He loved the fish. All of the nurses loved him!

Taking time to play in the activity room.

Dallin suffering from low blood sugar. I felt badly for him as I know all too well how horrible you can feel when you are low. He was tired too.

Sleep finally won the battle.....on the way home from the hospital.

I guess I was more tired than I thought I was too. I couldn't even make it to the bed before falling asleep.

Since we have been home from the hospital Dallin has been gradually getting better about his shots and finger pokes. He has to have a minimum of 4 shots and 6 finger pokes daily. He has had some low and some high blood sugar levels. He struggles with not being able to snack whenever he wants to. I feel so blessed that I know so much already and know how he's feeling and I feel confident in my decisions about his care. Ben has been so great with him too. Like he always is with me. All in all Dallin is doing well. It will be a lifetime challenge though.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Why Cami Has Lost Weight

Cami had her 15 month check-up on Tuesday. She has grown 1 inch in the 3 months since her 12 month check-up but, has lost about a 1/2 pound. The Dr. was slightly concerned but I wasn't. Heavens knows she was plenty fat at a year AND, she's been busy working all that flab off. Here's the proof. Just a sampling of the "exercise" Cami gets each day.

DANCING TO HER FAVORITE TUNE....who doesn't love Britney, right?

TRYING TO GET THE TOOTHBRUSHES.....she loves to chew on them

SWINGING LIKE A MONKEY.....trying to find treasures in the bathroom drawer

We LOVE our little monkey! Does anyone else think her hair looks like Bozo the clown's hair?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Couple Cute Pics

Cami being cute.....Look at those TEETH!

Cami and her daddy hangin' out

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mia's First Day of Kindergarten!

Mia was so excited to start school. She attended all day Pre-K last year so she is acclimated to school but she was still really excited to start at a "real" school. Her school is brand spankin new and her first day was a success. She wanted to ride the bus to school but I forced her to let me take her so I could get a few pictures. She rode it home though. She rode it to and from school today. Her teacher is really great and has previously taught 1st grade for 6 years so she will know exactly what the students need to know to be prepared for next year. SCORE! I am stoked for Mia because I always loved school and so far she is handling it well. Sorry the pictures are in reverse order. Blogger is stupid! AND, I'm too lazy to fix it.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

What We've Been Up To

I know, I KNOW! it's been forever since I have popsted. We have been busy and when we are not going somehwere I am being lazy. So lately, Ben turned 30, we've been swimming alot, we went to the lake/cabin for the fourth, I turned 32 and the kids have loved their slip n' slide. Phew! The kids and I also spent a weeek in Memphis with Ben's parents and Tiffany while Ben was at home working, but I have not downloaded those pictures yet(big surprise). We are off again to the lake/cabin for a week with Ben's parents and when we get home I will make a proper post. Enjoy these few photos while you can.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cami's Trying

Don't judge me for the mess. This was before our nightly clean up. You got to get it when you can get it. Doesn't my cracker with cream cheese look good?

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Cami turned 1 yesterday. We cannot believe it has been a whole year since that very fast and scary delivery when she was born. She has grown a ton since then and learned so much. Ben's parents came over from Memphis and we went to the zoo to celebrate. Maryann and David and Lisa and their kids joined us for cake and ice cream and presents. We had a good time. I know it has been forever since I have posted and I have a lot to post of the zoo and her birthday......and other stuff from the last month. But, I thought I would start you off with a teaser video of us singing to her. Watch it all cause the end is the best part. All I have to say is, she's fast!

Monday, May 04, 2009


Today is our anniversary. Seven short years of marriage. And still, even after all my nagging, Ben has not learned how to give a natural smile in a picture. I mean, it has gotten better. Slightly. But his natural smile when he is really amused is much better. I always look bad in pictures. Please don't stare at the UGLY moles on my face. STOP! I told you not to look. I will have them removed one day. I'm just waiting for them to get hairy. Needless to say, we STILL love each other.
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