Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have a story about this sweet little girl. She has been potty-training for a few weeks and I can say I think she is done. AWESOME!! Anyway, I was headed upstairs today to gather clothes to wash. As soon as I got to the top of the stairs I smelled something funky. I immediately checked both upstairs bathrooms. Nothing. So then I find Cami and check her. Clean as can be. I asked Cami if she pooped somewhere and she looked at me like "good luck finding it, mom". I noticed the smell was stronger in the hallway. I didn't immediately see anything so I assumed she had a really stinky fart so I went on my way.
I came back upstairs a few minutes later and noticed the smell was still there. I started checking rooms. Nothing. Started checking the toy drawer in the hall. Nothing. Then I notice the little people farm.....and the brown finger prints. You see them?
Everything inside looked fine you see it?
Here's a close-up for you. Yep. Cami must have done it earlier when she was running around without underwear on. What I am wondering now is.....what does she have against cows? She had any animal bed in the barn to choose from and she picked the cow's space. Or maybe she just has something against me. I love my Cami....*sigh*
BTW.....sorry to my in-laws who don't like potty talk and look at this blog.. All I have to say in my defense is that I told Ben I was saving it for him to clean up(as a joke) and he said why don't you take a picture of it and blog about it. guys raised a sick-o!