Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is the second post I have done about my children's curly hair. The first post was not as positive as I would have liked. I LOVE my kids' curly hair and that all 3 have it. I especially love Dallin's hair. It is not too thick or too thin. It is a pretty shade of brown......and oh, how I love the curls. I think we can all agree that is is definitely curly! Take a look......

I took this picture one day because his curls were really defined.

This is a picture form our recent trip to Disneyworld. His hair gets even more curly when he is hot and it had been really humid that day too.

I LOVE the sweet little curl hanging down on his forehead in this one.

But then his hair always comes to the point that it gets too long and unruly. Ben had been hounding me for weeks to cut it. I didn't want to but I knew I needed to. I would ask Dallin about every other day if I could cut it and he would say, "no thank you". But, yesterday I asked him again and he agreed. This was right before the cut. Unruly....dontcha think?

This was the pile of sad.

This was him after a bath to wash all the hair off.....much better. Still as cute as ever even without the curls.

A good side view.

You can't see really well but right in the front on the sides his curls are already starting to peek through. If he would have let me take a picture this morning you can clearly see one already. There is hope.....we'll see them again very soon ;-)

Monday, June 07, 2010

CAMI Had A Birthday.....Shout Hooray!

I can not believe that my little 4 pound preemie had a birthday yesterday (the 6th) and now she is a chubby, yet cute, 2 YEAR OLD!

She enjoyed her orange cake with cream cheese frosting.

She got a baby doll from her nearest Aunt, Uncle and cousins.....she loves it because now Mia can't take it away from her. She played with it a lot today.

Her big gift, that was a collective purchas from both grandmas and mommy and daddy, was a set of Toy Story toys. She loves the movie and she was delighted to get these.

Here she is playing with Hamm.....he's also a flashlight and he talks.

This was taken right before she got her jammies on and went to bed. She looks like she had a great birthday, don't ya think?