Monday, March 15, 2010


Mia's curly hair is such a good thing and such a bad thing. I think it is super cute but she hates getting it brushed. She asks me almost everyday, "mommy, why did I have to get curly hair?" The pictures below will illustrate what it looks like every morning when she wakes up for school. I wonder what she does with that head in her sleep.

We have little time to get it all brushed and fixed and looking acceptable. She whines, she complains, and there is lot of, "Mia hold still and be quiet.....the bus is coming!" The first time I told her that her hair looked like a rat's nest, she was horrified that rats had gotten in her hair. A discussion about figures of speech ensued.

In the end we get this. She picked out the bows.

Happy girl now that it's over. No more untangling.

She is ejoying fixing her own hair now. With accessories to boot. I have to still help most days with the really messy parts.

GREAT NEWS!! All 3 of my kids have curly hair. Oh happy day!