Monday, January 30, 2012


Oh man, blogging just is not my forte anymore.  Wait?  Was it ever my forte?  Moving on.....Dallin turned 6.  Yep he waaaaaay back at the end of November.  I'm ashamed.  Ashamed that I am just now blogging about it.  But, what's a blog without Dallin turning 6?  This is Dallin right before his birthday at a dairy farm he and I went to on a school field trip.  It was fun.  Dallin liked it.....a lot.
This is Dallin at the Children's Museum in Atlanta.  The last time we went before our pass expired.  He loved it too!
These are Dallin's requested angry bird cupcakes that I made for his birthday.  Dallin is in love with angry birds.  Well, actually...... obsessed with angry birds might be more accurate.  I'm okay with it.  He loved these too.
Here's the birthday boy with his crown he got at school....and the rather large bandage he got after falling on grandma's treadmill and getting his skinned rubbed right off.  His neck wasn't even the worst injury.  You can thank me later for not taking pictures with the bandages off.  He loved the crown but did not love the burn.
Dallin got a flying pig ship and some cars.  He loved those too.  At least for a little while.....I'm not sure he plays with them much anymore.  YES, it has been that long since I've blogged.
Dallin is a pretty sweet boy.....well, except for when he's being not sweet.  Those moments are growing to be  less frequent.  I LOVE this boy of mine!
Have I ever mentioned that Dallin is pretty funny too.  he keeps us laughing....only, he hates when we laugh at what he says/does.  He doesn't get that it is a good thing, yet.  He was tired of taking pictures so he decided to show me and not pose.  Looks like I showed him!
Posted by PicasaDallin also loves to draw.  What does he love to draw?  Yep, you guessed it, angry birds.  And stick people too.  Only, they look like stick aliens.  Maybe I'll post a scanned picture of some of his people soon.  No promises.  Dallin loves to eat anything that is high in carbs.  It's sick, but I can't let the boy starve.    He loves to ride his new bike and be first to get anywhere (into the car, into the house, into the tub, but not into the bed).  Dallin is definitely a keeper.