Monday, September 13, 2010


okay, OKAY, PEOPLE! Yes, it's been over a month, so sue me. I promised more pictures from our trip this summer and here is the first installment. Then I will post more.....and then first day of school pics.....and then first soccer game pics. I should get that all done just in time to be behind on the holidays too.
ANYWAY, our first excursion in Seattle was to Alki Beach. We started with a picnic and then let the kids explore and have a great time.
Mia and Cami ready to dig into the food so they could go play.

Cami spent plenty of time just running up and down the park area.

Mia with all of her "treasures" A trip anywhere wouldn't be the same if Mia didn't collect something to bring home.

Cami's excitement for being outside could not be contained. She LOVES the outside. Well, this was the end of July/beginning of August and in GA it was about 110 degrees. So, we weren't spending a lot of time outside . We might have melted....or died. But Seattle was a WHOLE LOT cooler. It was on the edge of being too cold for us southerners. But Cami......oh, she LOVED it. She spent a lot of time outside the whole trip.

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Cami and Addy spent a lot of time digging around in the rocks. If you think Cami looks HUGE compared to Addy, I AGREE! Aren't they cute?
I LOVE this picture of Dallin running with a seagull. His inner boy could not be calmed.
Loved this picture too! Dallin had a great time exploring everything. I am sure he was saying, "hey, look at this!"
Not a great picture but it shows that we are all having a great time.

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