Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day, Part 2

Cami had to sport the green too. Her cheek is full of food, so of course she couldn't smile. She doesn't do that for the camera these days anyway. Please ignore the filthy, naked couch in the background!
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Mia and Dallin were quite happy to wear their shamrock headbands and pose.
Mia wanted to wear all green today but unfortunately she has no green pants. Her socks, shirt, undies and headband were though. She is so relieved that she is not gonna get pinched. She's hoping to be able to pinch her teacher. I told her that her teacher is probably smarter than that, but maybe you'll get lucky. Things are looking up in our house on the clothes front. Dallin actually brought me these clothes today to put on him. Should he be able to get himself dressed? YES. Does he? NO. But he sure does know how to strip his clothes off fast. He has a green shirt. Green pants too. But, the shamrock will have to do for him today because as long as he's picking out clothes, I'm not gonna rock the boat. Cami has a shamrock headband too. I'll have to take her picture when she wakes up.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Post After Post After Post......

After being asked amillion times, "when are you gonna update your blog", I've decided. Oh, YOU'RE gettin a post now!(say it like George Costanza) Make sure you scroll down, and down, and down to see all the posts. This is what we have been up to. Ben's parents and little brother came for a visit in Feb. to take Alex through the temple in preparation for his mission.
Good bye Alex. See you in two years. When you get back, Mia will be almost 7 1/2, Dallin will be 5 and Cami will be 2 1/2. Holy Cow!!
I love this one of the kids. Crazier than ever.
We bought a new swimsuit for Mia at Costco. She just had to put it on right when we got home. Well, so did Dallin.
My sweet girls. Right before bed. We hadn't put Cami's jammies on yet. I love these girls. Don't worry. I love Dallin too!

Cami Update

Poor baby! Cami fell asleep while eating carrots in her bumbo. I couldn't resist taking a picture. I love our fat little girl.
Cami has a love hate relationship with this exercise toy. She hated it at first but now she is learning to like it. This is also a good photo of her only teeth so far.
Cami can now hold her own bottle. Yesssss! She really doesn't like for us to hold it for her anymore. I love her eyes in this picture.
I can leave Cami for a long time to just sit and look at these little alphabet books. She loves it. But now that she is crawling I can't leave her upstairs alone. She is getting faster everyday. I will post a video of it once I have the patience to wait on my slow computer. Maybe tomorrow.
I made this flower foe Cami's headband. The picture makes it look bigger than it is. But, it's pretty large. I had so many people tell me how cute she was at church today. She likes to play with her tongue on her teeth a lot, like she is doing here. It's cute. What do you think? Is the flower way too big or way too cute? I'm undecided.

Dallin Update

I love it when I find Dallin like this! He is really into books right now.
Dallin being silly like always. I have no idea where he got these 3-D glasses. Naked too.
Dallin really likes stickers. Eh, who needs paper when you have skin. Naked too.
Please ignore the mess we call a garage. It has seen better days. Please note Dallin, the outdoors man. He loves being outside. Whether it's playing in the messy garage or running around in the yard he just likes it. It is our top priority to get a playset soon for the outside so her doesn't have to climb on things that are not meant to be climbed on. Too bad money doesn't grow on trees!
Dallin is really into Spiderman right now. Especially his Spiderman undies. Notice in the last two pictures, Dallin is actually dressed. I think Dallin loathes clothes right now. He will let me get him dressed to go get Mia from school and if we need to run errands but other that that, he's naked. And the truth is, I don't really care. But it drives Ben crazy.

Mia Update

This is Mia and her BFF Lily. They are joined at the hip. I love that Mia picked the little Japanese girl as her counterpart in crime. She has learned so much about her culture. Mia's teacher said that Mia and Lily are her go to girls when no one else knows the answers to her questions. I guess Mia needed someone on her level. JK!
Mia's class had a Valentine's party. The teacher asked the boys to go ask a girl to dance. This little boy, named Jaco(ya-coo), ran over to Mia and grabbed her. I asked Mia about it when she got home that day. She said he always wants to be her partner and that he has a crush on her. I found a heart from him in her backpack a few days later. She doesn't think much of him. Does it really start this early??
Not only does Mia learn alot in school, she must play hard too. I sent her to school with pristine buns and she came home looking like this. Still cute though.
This was Mia in her Sunday best for the Valentine's party.
Mia recently celebrated her 100th day of school. She had a blast!