Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'd have to say that my first two pregnancies were pretty hard on my body. But, this one by far has been the hardest. I'd like to tell a story that might illustrate what I mean. This morning I had to go to the doctor......big surprise. I got the kids ready and was getting myself ready when I started to feel a little sick. We got into the car and by that time I felt worse. We are on our way 3 miles down the road to my brother's house so my sister-in-law Lisa can watch the kids (I don't know what I would do without her). About a half mile away from our house I got that horrible feeling in my stomache and my mouth started to water. I thought, I'm gonna problem, I can make it to Lisa's. Then, I started thinking franticly, do I have something in the car I can throw-up in? My eyes were searching for a place to pull over because much to my dismay I was not going to make it to Lisa's. Ah.....the Dollar General......thank you! I pull over far away from the few cars in the parking lot. I barely opened my door and leaned out when it started to come. Wretch after wretch I thought......could this possibly get any more embarrasing and misserable? YES!! I was hoping that no one would notice me with all my glory. You know, throw-up slobber hangiong from your lips as you wretch again and you don't even care. Just as I was finishing, a man walks toward me and asks if he can buy me a drink or something. It was very nice of him and I think I managed to get something out like....."I know this is so gross....sorry......I'm pregnant.......I have water in the car but thanks anyway". I was thinking......NO, don't come over'll make me feel even more disgusting, and you'll see the nasty stuff. As I drove away, I thought......would I have ever offered help to a person throwing up? Probably not. I have problems! And one of them is that I still throw-up 7 months pregnant. This can't end soon enough.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


1. I forgot to post last week so this will count for the past two weeks. Not only is Dallin really good at making messes, he is now really good at recognizing he has made a mess. I came down this morning to find this. I said to Dallin, "WHAT is that Dallin"; to which he replied, "it's a mess, mommy". I had to laugh at his candor but I did make him help me clean it up.
2. My brother Frank wanted to get rid of this bed so we gladly said we'd take it. It was in Dallin's room for what seemed like forever before he decided to give up his familiar crib and explore the scary big boy bed. He now exclusively sleeps in his car bed.
3. Dallin LOVES music. We frequently catch his dancing or clapping his hands to anything with a good beat. When I have my ipod music playing on the computer, he comes over and sits with the speaker right in his face. I couldn't catch the right image because he kept holding the speaker like this......but, you get the point.
4. Mia was invited to a "princess" birthday party and all the girls were supposed to dress up like princesses. She got the invitation on a Sunday and asked me everyday, "how many days is it until Saturday.......because that's when the princess patrty is". She enjoyed the party and even came home with a princess bag full of mostly......princess junk.
5. I have discovered many times as I go to take a picture and then stroll through the ones that have already been taken, that Mia has been getting the camera off the shelf that she should not be able to reach and has been practicing her photography skills. She mostly takes pictures of toys or a snack she is eating.......occasionally of the T.V. too. This picture of her little people farm horse is one of ger better ones.
6. Since 5 specialists apparently wasn't enough for me this pregnancy......I have decided to add another one to the bunch. I am now seeing a hematologist. He specializes in cancers and also diseases of the blood. I am very anemic and the iron pills that were prescribed for me produced a daily barf-fest. So, I will find out on Thursday how he will treat me after checking my blood. I think it will probably be iron administered by I.V.
7. My kidney specialist has also prescribed Procrit. A drug given to people who don't produce enough red blood cells.......which obviously I don't. I checked my insurances' website to see if it is covered. It is, but you have to have prior authorization. Wonder why?? Maybe it's because it costs about $1500 for a month supply.
8. Ben has been busy with home improvement projects lately. Including but not limited to, painting the walls in all our hallways, removing the gazebo thing over our back porch because it was rapidly deteriorating after all the bad storms we've been getting lately, and some yard work.
9. I had to be a substitute teacher in Relief Society on Sunday. It went fine and I got lots of comments on how good it was. I attribute that to people just trying to be nice and not that it was true. I had spent a good part of the evening before trying to make an awesome handout for everyone. UNTIL.......Ben talked me out of finishing it because it was 11:00 and I could barely walk after sitting in the chair so long. Don't worry thouigh. I have some great homemade card type things to use later. All was not lost.
10. Mia has been assigned the talk in Primary for this coming up Sunday. She is really excited. She has chosen me to come and help her with it. She's a smart girl.....I hope she won't need much help!

Thursday, April 03, 2008



Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Ten for Tuesday is a fun little way to give everyone the highlights of our week. It is something that I saw on my friend Jessica's blog and I wanted to copy it so she encouraged me to do so.
1. Our church is being remodeled right now so we are meeting amongst all the trash and torn up walls. When we walked in on Sunday, Mia said very loudly, "our church looks horrible." Exclaiming something like that in the middle of sacrament is the wrong timing but it is absolutey true.
2. Mia has been invited to a little girl in our ward's birthday party. It is a princess party and everyone is supposed to come dressed up. It is on Saturday and every morning Mia asks me how many more days it is until Saturday. She is really excited. Now, if I only knew what to get the girl.
3. Yesterday, I was in my room and Dallin came in holding a spoon and wanted me to kiss an ouchie on his finger and he handed me the spoon. A few minutes later he came in saying, "mommy, bad no no, bad no no" so I wanted him to show me. He took me to our hallway where we have a carbon monoxide detector plugged in. The outlet and the back of the detctor and part of the wall were all black. Once I put two and two together and went back and looked at the spoon I realized that he had stuck the spoon on the tongs of the detctor plug-in and he probably got a little shock. He tripped the circuit to most of the outlets and lights upstairs in the meantime. I am glad he wasn't shocked worse and that he didn't start a fire.......little stinker.
4. THEN, about an hour later, he and Mia were playing in some stuff in his closet. I heard him screaming and wondered what Mia had done to him. I ran in there to find Mia running out and Dallin rubbing his eyes. Mia didn't do it. He had gotten a little bottle that Mia had knocked down from the high shelf and poured DVD cleaner(which is mostly just alcohol) in his eyes. I forced him to let me wipe them clean with a cold wet cloth. Now all of you know why he is all the boy I can handel.....right??
5. I went to see the parenatologist last week and of course Mia had to ask me if I was going to get the baby out. She hasn't quite grasped the concept of how long I have to be pregnant before the baby comes out. The appointment took me 4 hours and the good news is that in 3 weeks I have to start seeing this doctor once a week and I have been told by the receptionist that it will take that long every time. Lucky me!
6. We bought paint on Saturday to paint our walls. The paint that was painted on our whole house beforewe moved in is flat and is very thin. It is impossible to get crayon off that stuff. Needless to say, we bought semi-gloss. Thank you Mia and Dallin.
7. All our easter candy should be gone in the next day so now my kids won't have anythng to snack on while I'm not in the room.
8. I am not really enjoying this part of spring where we will have two really sunny, warm and beautiful days in the 70's and then the next two days are like cold, wet and in the 40's. I guess I do enjoy the warm days but I wish there was more consistency.....please!
9. Dallin is still napping but that is quickly coming to an end. There are days when he will willingly walk upstairs with me so he can get in bed. BUT, lately he does not want to and it has become way to hard for me to carry a heavy, wiggly kid up our 15 stairs to then heave him into bed. I think he is playing me. But, he is starting to sleep in his big boy bed so that is good.
10. I have been really happy that Mia and Dallin are now starting to eat ALL of the dinner we put on their plates. Mia is better than Dallin. But, it is a start and a great thing to see.