Monday, July 11, 2011

First Furniture Makeover Project

This is an old dresser that used to be in Ben's grandparents' house and we eneded up with it a couple of years ago.  It was just too plain and needed a little help.  I didn't get a good before picture.  This will have to do.  You get the idea.

Here is one drawer after priming, painting and glazing.

Here is a drawer pre-glaze.

Another pic of the dresser pre re-do.
Glaze on a painted drawer.

The finished product.

The drawers were fun to do because they had a little dimension to them but the flat sides and top were a pain. We painted the handles with an oil rubbed bronze paint.  They used to be an ugly gold color.  

I was pleased with the final product.  Now, my next projest awaits.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Random Photo's

As I was backing up pictures on our computer I decided to flag a few of my favorites. We take so many pictures and yet so few get posted. Diane told me to leave out a few pictures because they weren't good, but I liked them anyway.


 Did I mention this would be just a few?
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