Sunday, May 09, 2010


I had a great Mother's Day. It started with Ben and the kids waking me up with breakfast in bed, flowers, a card and a movie. Then Ben's early morning church meetings were cancelled so I happily let Ben get the kids ready and we had a good time at church. Then I got in a nap and a great steak dinner made by Ben and the kids. Mia wiped and set the table, wrapped the potatoes in foil and grated parmesan cheese into the ceasar salad. Dallin made the corn. Cami napped......which is helpful too. I'm so blessed to have these beautiful, sweet children as my own!

I know that this picture is rediculously outdated but it is still one of my favorite pictures of all 3 of my sweet children.

Cami's nursery leader made these little cards for all the mothers that have children in the nursery. I thought it was so cute and took a lot of forthought considering she had to get the pictures taken the week before. We loved ours.

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Sorry for the huge lapse in posts. I have no excuse besides pure laziness. I thought I would start my re-blogging with a gem from our trip to the zoo this last week.

This is a classic adolescent mullet. I felt badly for him........he must have no clue.
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