Monday, November 23, 2009


Dallin turned 4 today. I guess since it is after midnight he turned 4 yesterday (Nov 22). It was a great birthday for him. He is growing so fast and I wish he would just slow down. Dallin is a great kid. He makes me laugh hysterically everyday. He says some pretty funny stuff. He's really into pirates/pirate ships lately. As soon as I mentioned a pirate ship cake there was no turning back for him. I HAD to make one. I am NEVER making anything other than a plain old ordinary cake again. This cake was rediculous. Fallng apart as I frosted it, pieces cut too much, had to put cookies on to hold it together, etc... I think it looked horrible but Dallin LOVED it, and that's all that matters.

Dallin after church with his cake and goodie bag from the Bishop. He was so cute when they sang to him in Primary.

Opening his first present. Kind of an impromtu thing. We don't normally open presents on the bed but I thought this was a cute picture of all 3 kids. (Yes, I'm laying in bed. No, there was no way to crop me out of the picture and get the kids, I tried. I have a sinus infection, I was tired from staying up to make that blasted cake so give me break, okay)

Dallin's favorite gift, of course. He didn't even care about cake and ice cream after he opened this bad boy. I'm glad he likes it because it's really annoying when you think your kid is gonna love a gift and they hardly play with it.

This is how much he loved it. I guess he doesn't mind sharing his bed with the ship. I think it's great! Simply a Dallin thing to do.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


RUTH, here you go. I have repented of my slackerness.

Dallin finally conceded to my pleadings and decided to wear his suit to church on Sunday. Actually, he didn't even give me much grief about it. He was a little confused as to why he had to wear a shirt though......when we first brought it home for him, we let him try it on without a shirt ;-)

After church.....he was so proud of his "I can be honest" crown.

Ben tonight before mutual looking nerdy.....uh, I mean nifty in his new scout shirt.