Sunday, November 23, 2008

Update on the Kiddies

Mia and I went to the Biltmore house with 2 of my sisters and some of their friends. It was really great. I went when I was about 14 but since that was 17 years ago it was like I had never been. It was a sweet deal. Since I can't afford such luxuries, I drove them all and they paid for my ticket and Mia was free! Mia loved every minute of it.
Mia and me in front of the big lion outside the front doors of the house.....all decked out in Christmas!
We got the audio tour. At each room they had an informational blip about it. You had to punch in the number on your headset. Mia punched in the numbers by herself and even paid quite good attention to what was being said. AND, as a side note. Our primary program was today. There are 13 kids in Mia's class and she and 2 others were the only ones in their class that could recite their parts from memory. She spoke clearly and loudly, but not too loud. Ben and I were so proud of her.
Dallin had his 3rd birthday yesterday. It was pretty exciting. His favorite present was his pirate set. What little boy doesn't like swords and hooks? Ben had to pry them out of his hands so we could go into church today. Needless to say, he was not too fond of cooperating in nursery today. I need to start praying for the Sunbeam teacher now! On a side note again, during the program today, when the children would sing the songs, Dallin had to stand in the aisle next to our bench and sing along. We have been listening to them in the car for a while. Dallin loves music!
Dallin has been a little run down lately. His love affair with his blankets has grown even stronger.
His blanket collection has grown to include this very old, very ugly brown one that Ben had when he was little. It is soft though.
Cami our little sweet bug has been through lots too. She has been trying rice cereal. As far as we can tell, the only thing she likes about it is it's mess factor. She isn't real crazy about actually eating it.
Cami bug is also sick right now. She has had a cough for a little while but when I heard her start weezing I called the doctor. She has bronchiolitis. So, now she is on steroids and breathing treatments several times a day. We try to keep her occupied with toys but she sure hates the breathing treatments. I don't blame her.
She is so huge. She has gotten off her apnea monitor......just in time to get sick.
I had to throw in this blurry one because it was cute. She is such a good baby. Even though she is coughing so hard she can't breathe and then she pukes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mommy Comparison

Now here is a picture of me (Diane) when I was a little kid in germany. I am obviously older than my kids in the below pictures because I can walk. But, you get the gist. I don't have any pictures of Ben around that age. And even if I did, we don't have a scanner. We scanned these from some slides my parents had at their house. I mean, my parents had the slides at their house and we scanned them at their house on their scanner. There you go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kid Comparison

This is for Angel. She wanted to see Mia at Cami's age to compare them. I don't know if I got Mia and Dallin at exactly Cami's same age but they're pretty close.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Seeing as I have not posted in forever, I now have about a bazillion pictures to post. BUT, seeing as I have not posted in forever, I thought I better not post them all at once. I thought I'd give a few at a time, so why not start with Halloween.
Mia lookin cute as Minnie Mouse
Dallin as Spiderman.....he didn't like the mask so he went without it.

Cami as a chili pepper

Dallin hard at work

Mia in action
Mia was as happy as can be. She was a real trooper that night. She just had to keep up with her 10 and 13 year old cousins who ran up every drive way. And most of them were up hill. She never lagged behind. I was amazed at her stamina.

Notice the wilted jack-o-lantern to the right (must be the humidity). So we decided Cami would make a good substitution!

This is how the night wound up for Dallin. I made Ben wake him up and brush his teeth. No need to encourage the cavities to form.