Friday, January 18, 2008


I always have people ask me if it gets cold in the south during the winter. I say....."uh,'s the winter" Then they ask, "do you ever get snow in the south?" I say, "usually we get a light snow shower once a year." Here's our token snow shower for the winter......yes, in the south. The kids had a great time playing in it and only came in once their hands were freezing. Of course all the pictures are blurry but you get the idea. I think the camera must have fogged up in the cold??
Mia lovin it
I could only get them to stand still for one
Mia making tracks
Dallin chasing Mia
After getting a spatula Dallin was ready for a second round


So.....the kids rarely use their tub to take a bath. They prefer ours because it's big and somehow that makes it better and more fun. We had my sister Angel and her roommate Lisa visit for a few days after Christmas. Of course they used the kids bathroom. After they left Mia took a shower in there and Ben noticed the water wasn't draining well. So as Ben usually does he decided to dig the clog out instead of using Drano like I would. I'm sure some of this is from the previous owners and the band-aid is most likely from Mia......but all I'm saying is that Angel and Lisa finally put it over the top. Their hair must fall out in record numbers of strands a day. They can dispute this but I know it was their fault :) Every time I look at it I gag and almost throw up and that is not from being pregnant at this point.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas Slideshow.....Finally!!

I finally decided to add some Christmas pictures......uh, 14 days after the fact. SORRY!! We didn't really get any good ones of Christmas day because we mostly took video. And our camera ran out of batteries at the worst when we played in the snow. Lame, I know.