Friday, April 27, 2012


This is classic Dallin!
Dallin and Cami showing off their St. Patrick's Day shirts......thanks Aunt Ruth!

Cami in her new dress.....thanks Aunt Maryann!

Cami on a usual day.....pretty happy!

The kids after the ice cream truck came.....we have to do this at least once a year!

Cami with her favorite easter treat.....she ate hers and Dallin's and Mia's too.
These two goofballs had to dress up for silly dooferdoodle day.....something like that.

Love when these two are getting along so happens more often than not!
Another cute one!
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Soccer Spring 2012

All of the kids played Soccer, some more than others.
 Dallin in one of his rare moments touching the ball
Mia helping out the team

Cami getting ready for her game
They all had a fun time!