Thursday, September 15, 2011


During the summer, Dallin, Cami and I saw Cars 2 with some of the cousins.  Dallin quickly became fascinated with Professor Z.  If you have seen the movie you will recall that Professor Z has a mustache and a monocle.  Since the movie Dallin found a suitable toy (I think a little toy dog collar) for his monocle but he has  frequently asked me to make him a mustache.  So usually I will go get my brown felt and cut something that resembles a mustache.  He's not too hard to please.  So wouldn't you know that while I was standing in a mile-long line at Old Navy a few weeks ago, I spotted a package of 5 mustaches for 2 bucks in one of their bins by the registers.  Usually it's all just crap in those bins but occasionally you hit the jackpot.

My kids had a great time trying them on and when they were done we made sure to put the paper back on the sticky part so we could enjoy the mustaches for weeks to come.

Yep, I have some CRAZIES!

My absolute FAVORITE!  Cracks me up.

Dallin decided he needed to dress up to match his mustache??????

No clue what's going on in this one but it looks like they are having fun.
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