Friday, June 10, 2011


This post comes with much heartache on my part.  I begged Cami to stop growing up but she laughed in my face.  Cami turned 3 on Monday.  She's our baby, she's not supposed to be 3.  Older or not we are so glad she is such a sweet girl.  I mean, sometimes she is not sweet but mostly she is sweet.
Her shirt is dirty.  That is pretty typical of Cami.  She is my dirtiest child yet.  But that just means she eats and plays hard.  Look at those wide stumpy feet.  I LOVE them!

Cami LOVED going to the beach on our recent vacation.  We couldn't keep her out of the water.  We had to run after her a few times to avoid a disaster.
Excited for her birthday cupcakes.  Which she requested.  She was very clear that she wanted cupcakes.

Can you tell that she liked them?

He smells like strawberries!

Funny girl

This picture cracks me up and warms my heart.  I think we'll keep her even if she does keep growing up.
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