Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow Snow Bo Bo Banana Fana Fo Fo Me My Mo Mo SNOOOOOOOOOOOW!!

So, as I am sure you all know......we had snow IN GA a couple of weeks ago. It was super fun until about the third day of being stuck inside with nowhere to go. The kids were out of school for a week. Yes, a week. Don't laugh all you northerners. See, the thing is, we got six inches. No big deal, right? Well, metro Atlanta has 5.5 MILLION people and we have a whopping total of 11 snow plows. Therefore, when we get 6 inches of snow that later turns into huge sheets of ice, you kinda can't drive anywhere. This is how it looked when it was all pretty coming down. We were still excited about it at this point.
Meanwhile, the kids were fast asleep and had no clue. I had to share this picture because we laughed so hard when we checked on the girls and found Mia like this. She had gone to a birthday party a few days before. It was a slumber party and she came home with this as well as her hair and nails done. Pretty funny, huh?
The next morning the kids were extremely excited to go play in it. Well, after it snowed we had some freezing rain come down on top. Meaning, the snow was not really fun to play in. It was iced over and a little crunchy. Definitely not snowman building snow. The kids still made the best of it and even went sledding down the hill in our back yard the next day. I didn't get pictures. ( I know, STUPID!)

I couldn't get them all to stand together. Oh well, you get the picture that there was snow and everyone was ready to have fun.

They all had a really good time covering themselves in snow.
The sky was white. It was pretty wicked.

I thought this was pretty cute!
The ice that was falling out of the drain pipes by about the 4th day.
We got the snow late Sunday night/early Monday Thursday our yard looked like an ice skating rink. Everything kept melting just a little and then re-freezing.
Two weeks later it is sunny and about 55 degrees outside. Go figure.