Sunday, December 12, 2010


If there is a place where delinquent mothers go when they die, I'm going there. You know, where they play videos all day of all the times where you have forgotten to post about your child's birthday until 3 weeks after the fact, or forget to put water into your child's lunch or put homework in their folders or forget about a school performance until it is over (yeah, I did that). Or when you let your child's lip get so chapped that he looks like he has a kool-aid mustache(see below). Well anyway, Dallin turned 5 right before Thanksgiving and the poor kid is just now getting his birthday documentation.
Dallin got a couple toys, some money, a book, a treasure chest to paint and some trains.....but not all from us. Here he is opening the treasure chest that came with paints. He was super excited and painted it the next day.
I love my sweet dude. He is so dang funny but he hates when you laugh at his funniness. We can't help it though. Everyday when he gets in the car after school he says to me, "mom, ask me how my day was at school". I love it. I normally ask him anyway but lately he doesn't even give me time to ask before he says that.
How can I not love this kid when he asks if he can help with the laundry? Especially since it is rare that he wants to help with anything.....particularly the stuff I want him to clean.
I was laughing so hard at this moment.....he almost dropped them all and I had mercy on him and helped him up the stairs after I had a good laugh and took some pictures. He was a good sport about it.